Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July's Delicious Meal- Chicken and Sweet Potatoes with Curry Dip

I'll be posting a frugal and/or healthy meal once a month to the blog.

I just had a divine dinner:

Using apple juice that I had frozen into ice cubes (a great way to not buy large quantities and not use it. I also do it with milk.) for cooking, I cut up 3 sweet potatoes and placed two Kirkland (Costco brand) chicken breasts on top. I sprinkled Mrs. Dash's Salt Free Garlic Blend on top and a bit of garlic salt. A lid was placed on top. I cooked it on medium high on my power burner (the most awesome thing ever! Get one with your next stove and take your cooking to a new level!) and allowed the juice to evaporate and caramalize. It was divine! If you like sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marshmallows, this is a very viable alternative. The dip is a 1/2 large container of yogurt, curry and garlic to taste.

What recipe can you suggest?

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