Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pet Tip- Cheaper Deworming

We took in two kittens from the street. I took the kittens to the vet for their first checkup. This was a week ago. Today, I had to take them back for tapeworms. The tech applied a topical solution that kills all types of worms. Hello!!! Why didn't they do that a week ago? I made it clear in my initial phone call and initial appointment that these had been outside cats, were going to be inside cats and would be exposed to our other cats. I also made it clear that we think of our cats as our kids and have no problems with the cost of caring for our animals. To me, it was a waste of time and money to have to go back. We have seven cats and will be starting a feral colony and managing it in our new neighborhood. cow for the vet!!! So, my pet tip for the month is to ask for your pet to be treated for all types of parasites when needed! For the adult cats, I purchased tapeworm tablets from 1800PetMeds. I am comfortable giving the medicine to the adult cats, but wanted the kittens to be seen professionally.

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